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This packet contains 30 spiritual seeds. Read one seed per day and open your mind to new possibilities. Repeat daily for best results.

When planted into your consciousness, these spiritual seeds will produce healthy results.
The more often the seeds are read and contemplated,
the more active they become in mind and assimilated into your routine thinking.

When you have used these seeds for 30 days, plant them in the soil and water regularly.
You will begin to see the physical manifestation of the spiritual seeds you have been planting in your consciousness.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today I Choose To Change My Habits

The tricky thing about changing habits is becoming aware that you have them! I'm not thinking of self-destructive habit--although those are good to change too--I'm thinking of the ordinary routines that you and I perform on automatic without question or thought. I have a routine in the morning. I get up because my cat insists on breakfast at exactly 6 am. After the obligatory cat feeding, I put the kettle on, prepare the French press...etc. In otherwords, it's what I do and I like doing it in that order. I don't like to meditate before having coffee, I like to meditate exactly after three sips of coffee and sitting in my study on the kakhi couch where the sun comes in just so.

Writing this is making me laugh inside at how fiercely loyal I am to my habits and how unthinkable a change is. In reality, I have changed these habits on purpose just to see what would happen. In some cases, change for change sake isn't always a wonderful thing, other than the insight it provides that maybe you have that particular habit because it really works rather well. On the other hand, even the best routines can benefit from a shake up to diplace the mental dust and let new fresh air in. With that fresh upset comes new ideas and a sense of adventure.

At least, that is what I found when I tried mixing things up. I made the coffee first and then meditated and purposely put the cat feeding off till last. That didn't work. Then I fed the cat, went to the couch and meditated. All I thought about for 30 minutes was coffee. Then I went back to my regular routine but added newness in the form of playing meditative music while feeding the cat and making the coffee. In short, I took the first two hours of my day and shook it all up.

Update: I'm back to exactly how I always liked to do it. However, there is something different about how I do it. I feel a freedom knowing that I can do things differently and that I am in this habit not because I cannot escape it, but because it works for me. That in itself is worth discovering.
Is there a routine or habit that you can explore in a similar way?

From Practice The Presence


Don’t take things so personally. Much of what happens in life is not to be taken personally. The weather is neither good nor bad. It’s just weather. The economic condition of the country is not your fault. It has always fluctuated. The shape and look of your body will change as it ages. It happens to everyone. You can’t control someone’s opinion of you. Some people will like you and others will not.

Practice detaching yourself from unimportant issues and concentrate on the only thing you really can control—your own thought.

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