Planting Instructions

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This packet contains 30 spiritual seeds. Read one seed per day and open your mind to new possibilities. Repeat daily for best results.

When planted into your consciousness, these spiritual seeds will produce healthy results.
The more often the seeds are read and contemplated,
the more active they become in mind and assimilated into your routine thinking.

When you have used these seeds for 30 days, plant them in the soil and water regularly.
You will begin to see the physical manifestation of the spiritual seeds you have been planting in your consciousness.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sowing Seeds for a New Year

It was just last fall that Chris Michaels and I put the finishing touches on our Spiritual Seeds and rushed through the production so that we could give every person who attended the first service of the year a Spiritual Seeds packet.  We also created this blog to send out weekly messages with supplemental inspirational tidbits as a way of supporting our Spiritual Seeds users.

Now as we approach the end of the year we're presenting our Spiritual Seeds again, especially to other spiritual Centers with a great acrylic display stand (see image below) and special pricing for nonprofits.

If you enjoyed Spiritual Seeds this year, please consider recommending the product to other friends and spiritual Centers, I'd appreciate that.

"Making the world a better place by planting seeds of love one at a time."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let Your Hair Down

Today I choose to let my hair down

Maybe you’ve become too rigid in your thinking or actions.
If so, do something out of the ordinary.
Let your hair down.
Surprise the people around you.
Show them who you really are. 
Become As Little Children

The obligations and responsibilities of adult life are sometimes overwhelming. With rent or a mortgage to pay, children to care for and a career to manage, life can be highly stressful. It’s too easy to get bogged down in the routine of the work-a-day world and forget to play.
As children we learned by playing. Our lives were filled with adventure and newness. We weren’t afraid to try new things or look awkward. Play is an important part of a healthy life. It allows us to experience joy.
Life was never meant to be taken seriously. It is not supposed to be a series of burdens and responsibilities. It’s supposed to be a joyful adventure.
Release your inner child. Let your hair down. Do something crazy!

Ideas To Let Your Hair Down
Take a dance break
Sing out loud in the shower
Roll in the grass
Run through the house naked
Have a pillow fight
Don’t wear underwear for a day
Throw a party

Life must be lived as play.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post Recession Prosperity

Today I choose to use my resources

Post Recession Prosperity

by Chris Michaels

Many people have been living a kind of “faux prosperity” lifestyle. From the outside looking in, it appears they are doing well. They live in large, beautifully decorated homes, drive new cars and have all of the latest gadgets and toys. However, if you take a closer look, you will see their paycheck-to-paycheck life is not sustainable. With mounting debt and little to no savings to fall back on, any challenge such as a job loss will bring things crashing down rather quickly. This has been realized in the recent uprising of home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies. Too many people were financially unprepared for the current down trend in the economy.

The recession is not only causing a wake-up-call for people who have been living this “faux prosperity,” it also brings a golden opportunity for them to change the way they perceive and practice prosperous living. They have had to shift their thinking about what prosperity really means and come up with a new way to define abundance. A new definition is beginning to emerge as they place their focus on quality of life, instead of quantity of goods.

We all have something to learn from this uncomfortable change. Many of us have placed too much emphasis on consuming and not enough on saving. It is time to rethink the way we have used our money and return to the spiritual principles that guarantee a prosperous life.

Unfortunately, many people have responded to the current recession in a fearful, reactive way. Now the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. Their knee-jerk, human reaction is to hoard money and give less. From a strictly human perspective, this appears to make sense. However in a universe governed by a spiritual principle that says, “you can only receive what you are first willing to give,” this strategy is a catastrophe. All it does is block the flow of future good and guarantee a life of lack and limitation. Now is not the time to react in fear. It is the time to be proactively involved in creating a more prosperous life.

If you have been living the “faux prosperity” lifestyle some basic restructuring may be necessary to regain your financial strength. This may be the time to revisit the spiritual law of tithing and start investing in yourself again by saving another ten percent. By practicing the “give some, save some, spend some” model you realign yourself with the fundamental laws of prosperity. Giving ten percent off of the top engages the Law of Circulation and begins the flow back to you. Saving the next ten percent of your income guarantees there will always be resources to fall back on. And then spending the leftover eighty percent with the wisdom to live within your means is an exercise in integrity and honor. By using your money in this faithful manner (Give 10%, Save 10%, Spend 80%), you guarantee a constant in-flow of good.

Being a good steward of your financial resources is just the first step in living a prosperous life. The second step is to take a heartfelt look at your sense of value and self-worth. The primary dictate for income is consciousness. In other words, your sense of self-value is what attracts good into your life. Therefore it is of primary importance for you to remember that the Source of your value is God in you. It isn’t determined by your accomplishments or successes. You have value because of the Life that resides within you. Remembering this will keep your self-esteem intact and ensure the uninterrupted flow of good into your life.

If you want to live a more prosperous life, now is the time to surround yourself with faithful people. Attend classes, workshops and events that reinforce an affirmative attitude toward life. Read books that inspire you. Find things that ignite your passion and engage your creativity. Don’t let yourself spiral downward into fear. Keep your consciousness afloat by making choices that uplift your spirit.
The most challenging days are behind us now. It’s time to move forward into more prosperous living. Armed with great wisdom and faithful practices, we are now more prepared than ever to live well. By redefining prosperity as a quality of life experience, not a quantity of goods lifestyle, we realign ourselves with the truth that sets us free of limitation and lack. With a greater understanding of our value, we are poised to accept an even greater good than we had before. Now the post-recession prosperity will no longer be a “faux prosperity.” It will be permanent and lasting because it is based on sound principles and faithful practice. And more importantly than that, it recognizes God as the Source of our good, not the limited economic condition.

Video by Dr. Edward Viljoen on Sharing:


A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.

Jack London

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I grew up poor. When food was scarce, my mother taught me how to share. We would take delight in seeing who could share the most. It created a sense of mutual love and support. Being dissatisfied with a meal didn’t seem as bothersome as it does now, because we knew the power of giving.

This teaching instilled in me an ability to give the better portion away, not out of duty, but out of the happiness that comes with sharing. Nevertheless, there are still things in my life I don’t want to share; still times when I give a pittance when I could give more; and still times when I don’t look, because I am afraid to see a need to which I don’t want to contribute. I wonder if it is exactly in these moments that I am blocking the flow of good into my own life.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Fear

Today I choose to not be afraid

Maybe you’ve forgotten your childhood.
You were once a fearless little one,
ready to take on the world.
No challenge was too great for you. 


Nature has given every human an instinctive desire to protect life. So, when we sense danger, fear is the device that naturally kicks in. It is a defense mechanism designed by nature to keep us safe. When activated on this level, fear is a productive thing. However, when we use fear as an excuse to not try new things and experience life more fully, it can be greatly limiting.
When we go to the edge of our comfort zone and step out beyond what we’ve already done or known, we automatically experience some degree of anxiety or fear. This is a normal process. If you go to a social event and no is present that you are familiar with, you may experience this feeling. Or if you are asked to give a speech at a business luncheon, perhaps you feel afraid.
The difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who don’t lies in what they do with fear. Extraordinary people feel the fear, understand it as a sign of growth, and then move past it. Others use fear as an excuse to retreat back into their comfort zone. Everyone experiences fear. No one is exempt. The only decision we have to make is: What are we going to do with it? Will we let it derail our dreams or use it as a motivation for growth?

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
Mark Twain

Do the Thing You Fear the Most

Mark Twain said, “Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” Most people will tell you they are afraid of failure, but I think just the opposite is true. We know how to fail. We are accustomed to disappointment. It’s success that scares us the most. We’re afraid of our potential greatness, not failing.
There’s something you can do like no other person on the planet. You are a unique creation of life, and therefore have a special destiny. That destiny is tied to the gift and talents you were given at birth. In other words, you have a calling. There is something you’re supposed to be doing with your life and your time on earth, and it is significant and important.
Your job is to find your purpose and fulfill it. The talent is the clue. That special something you can do like no one else is key to finding your purpose. Go within and ask the wisdom that resides there: What gifts have you given me? How can they best be used to improve the world? You will get an answer. It may come immediately, or unfold over time. Be persistent in your asking and the answer will be revealed.
You will know you have the right answer if it scares you a little bit. Our greatness frightens us. Our dreams call on us to be more than we think we can be. Right behind the idea to be more usually comes all of the reasons why we can’t. Don’t let fear stop you. You have more power than you think and more resources than you know.
Take one step in the direction of your dreams. Do the thing you fear the most and watch the doors open in front of you and the path be cleared.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making Room For The New

Today I choose to discover something new
You must be tired of old routines by now.
Repetition is the leading cause of death.
People grow weary of repeating old, negative patterns.

What’s New?

Our passion and interest for life is maintained by having large and healthy doses of newness. We need to continue learning new things in order to stay current and relevant. We need to have new opportunities to stay interested and engaged in life. We need change in order to grow.
The nature of Nature is to discard the old and make way for the new. Nature does not refurbish. She makes all things new. The spring tulips are not remade from last years’. They are made new every year. Each snowflake has an original design. Every person has a unique dna. Infinite variety is the law and rule of nature.
Take a lesson from nature and open your life to newness. Don’t cling to the old. Let it go when it has finished serving you. Clinging to the old produces suffering. Everything has a lifespan; a time when it works, and then a time when it stops working. Don’t be afraid to release it when it stops working. Doing so will stop your suffering and make way for the new.
What’s new in your life? What new vision do you have? What new friends are you cultivating? What new loves hold your interest? What new dreams are you pursuing? What new ideas excite you?

Make Room For The New

It is a law of physics that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. Therefore, to make room for the new, you must let go of the old. Here are some
suggestions on how to get started.

Number One
Go through your closets and throw, or give away all clothing that you haven’t worn in the last two years. Put it back into circulation. Give it to a charity or to someone else who would love to have it.

Number Two
Clean out your house and garage. Get rid of everything that you don’t use regularly. Have a garage sale.

Number Three
Check your thoughts and feelings. Do you have unspoken words or unforgiving thoughts? Clear them out. Do forgiveness work. Make sure you aren’t holding on to yesterday’s resentment.

10 New Ideas

1. Go somewhere new
2. Try a new flavor
3. Buy new clothes
4. Do something new and unexpected
5. Learn a new language
6. Cook a new recipe
7. Meet new people
8. Get a new job
9. Try a new hairdo
10. See a new play or movie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today I Choose To Change My Habits

The tricky thing about changing habits is becoming aware that you have them! I'm not thinking of self-destructive habit--although those are good to change too--I'm thinking of the ordinary routines that you and I perform on automatic without question or thought. I have a routine in the morning. I get up because my cat insists on breakfast at exactly 6 am. After the obligatory cat feeding, I put the kettle on, prepare the French press...etc. In otherwords, it's what I do and I like doing it in that order. I don't like to meditate before having coffee, I like to meditate exactly after three sips of coffee and sitting in my study on the kakhi couch where the sun comes in just so.

Writing this is making me laugh inside at how fiercely loyal I am to my habits and how unthinkable a change is. In reality, I have changed these habits on purpose just to see what would happen. In some cases, change for change sake isn't always a wonderful thing, other than the insight it provides that maybe you have that particular habit because it really works rather well. On the other hand, even the best routines can benefit from a shake up to diplace the mental dust and let new fresh air in. With that fresh upset comes new ideas and a sense of adventure.

At least, that is what I found when I tried mixing things up. I made the coffee first and then meditated and purposely put the cat feeding off till last. That didn't work. Then I fed the cat, went to the couch and meditated. All I thought about for 30 minutes was coffee. Then I went back to my regular routine but added newness in the form of playing meditative music while feeding the cat and making the coffee. In short, I took the first two hours of my day and shook it all up.

Update: I'm back to exactly how I always liked to do it. However, there is something different about how I do it. I feel a freedom knowing that I can do things differently and that I am in this habit not because I cannot escape it, but because it works for me. That in itself is worth discovering.
Is there a routine or habit that you can explore in a similar way?

From Practice The Presence


Don’t take things so personally. Much of what happens in life is not to be taken personally. The weather is neither good nor bad. It’s just weather. The economic condition of the country is not your fault. It has always fluctuated. The shape and look of your body will change as it ages. It happens to everyone. You can’t control someone’s opinion of you. Some people will like you and others will not.

Practice detaching yourself from unimportant issues and concentrate on the only thing you really can control—your own thought.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Life With No Limits

Today I choose to set no limits
You live in a boundless universe.
There is no stopping point in creation.
Everything is expanding into infinity.
Why do you limit yourself?

What Are Your Limits?

Admittedly, there are certain limits to human life. We are limited to time and space. There is only 24 hours in a day. Our bodies have a lifespan. But beyond those few, everything else is unlimited.

The universe is expanding into infinity. Health is available to everyone. Joy is boundless. Peace is eternal. Love is never ending. Abundance is everywhere in nature. Your mind can always conceive new ideas and therefore your potential is endless. Your soul is deathless. Anything of true value to our lives is unlimited in scale.

We place too many limits on our lives and use them as excuses to not pursue our dreams. We say, “I can’t,” because “I’m not in shape. I don’t have an education. I don’t have the money. It’s too late for me. I’m too old. I’m too young. They won’t let me.”

You are the captain of your own ship. You decide the course and distance you will travel. No one decides for you unless you let them. There are no limits to what you’re capable of being beyond the imaginary boundaries you set for yourself.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? How would you act if you knew there were no limits to what you can accomplish?

A Life With No Limits
There is nothing in the universal order that denies the individual’s good, or self expression…There is nothing in the Universe that denies us the right to be happy…The Universe remains unlimited…
Dr. Ernest Holmes

What would it be like to have a life with no limits? How would your life be different than it is today? What choices would you make? Perhaps it’s time to reexamine your choices. Maybe you have more resources than you have been aware of.

Take some time to think outside the box and look at the four areas that make up a balanced life. Considering that you have no limits, what would you do differently?